September 2017: International Translation Day

On 30 September 2017, the International Translation Day (ITD) reminds us of the important role professional translators play in our globalised world.

In 1953, the Federation of Translators (FIT) – the umbrella organisation of our profession – set up the International Translation Day. It is now celebrated annually on the feast of St. Jerome, the important linguist and Bible translator, who is known as the patron saint of all translators. In May 2017, the United Nations officially recognised this day, thus emphasising the ever increasing importance of this profession.

Many people think that everyone who can speak more than one language is automatically a translator. But there’s more to a good translation than just speaking two languages: Translators are professional language mediators with not only broad linguistic, but also comprehensive cultural and technical knowledge which provides them with the right sense of specific linguistic nuances and subject-specific contents. Unlike interpreters, who render the spoken word in another language, translators transfer written texts into a target language.


June 2017: Schweitzer Sprachendienst presents its new website

June 2017: Yes, we can – our new website has been successfully relaunched! It does not only convince with a better design, functions and contents, but it has also been optimized for all mobile devices.
Our homepage offers a quick impression of our (language) services and provides information on all questions of international communication.In addition to this, you can easily request an offer for your translation project.
Come visit our new website! We are looking forward to your next „click“!

PS: Schweitzer Sprachendienst has been officially registered as a standard-compliant translation service provider according to DIN EN ISO 17100 by the certification company DIN CERTCO. You can rely on getting top-quality translations.


February 2017: Contract with airport renewed

1 February 2017 – Dresden Airport has confirmed Schweitzer Sprachendienst to be their language service provider. An umbrella agreement for this has just been signed. Already since 1999 we have translated press releases, technical documents and advertising copy for the airport and kept their English, Polish and Czech internet presence up to date day by day. We enter the foreign-language content, press releases and flyers directly into our customer’s content management system, so that foreign-language content goes live without delay.


January 2017: Schweitzer Sprachendienst registered with DIN CERTCO

2 January 2017 – Schweitzer Sprachendienst has worked in accordance with the language services industry standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for quite some time. The company has now been officially registered as a standard-conforming translation service provider by the certification company DIN CERTCO. Our customers can rely on getting highest-quality translations.


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