December 2022: Merry Christmas everyone!

At the end of this eventful year 2022, we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation and the trust you have placed in us.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, success and above all good health for 2023.

Your Schweitzer Sprachendienst Team


November 2022: Schweitzer Sprachendienst found new team member!

SSD has successfully completed the search for new staff and will soon introduce the newest member of the team.

We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in our company and wish you all the best for your personal and professional future!


March: Our commitment to Ukraine

As translators, we are committed to the understanding between people of different languages and nations, and to building bridges both linguistically and culturally. We are all the more shocked by the despot Putin, who tramples such efforts of millions of people underfoot and invades his neighboring country, with whom there are countless family and cultural ties. We are appalled by the brutality against civilians in Ukraine and want to help the people. In addition to our regular donations to Doctors Without Borders and People Against Landmines, we have therefore currently transferred €1000 to Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe.

Even though our Ukrainian translators have their hands full at the moment, we try to support the integration of Ukrainian refugees where we can. Please also help the people in Ukraine! And remember: the invasion is being carried out by the Russian leadership and military, not by the Russian people. The vast majority of Russians are good, sincere people who are also suffering from the war.

We wish for an early end to this terrible war and hope that the wounds that have been torn open in just few days will heal, even if this will certainly take incomparably longer.


February: International Mother Language Day

The annual commemoration day on 21 February draws attention to minority languages, spoken by fewer than 10,000 people. Languages that are no longer passed on to the following generations, and that are often not even recorded or documented, will be forgotten and lost forever.


More than half of all languages spoken worldwide are threatened by extinction, so UNESCO initiated the protection of all languages as a sign of cultural identity and promotes foreign language teaching and multilingualism as the key to mutual understanding, respect and inclusion.


Historical background: Although Bengali was spoken by the majority of people in East Pakistan (today’s Bangladesh), the government of Pakistan declared Urdu to be the sole official language in 1948. The police opened fire on students demonstrating against this decision during protests in Dhaka on 21 February. In 1971, the ongoing linguistic and cultural suppression of East Pakistan finally led to secession and to founding the country of Bangladesh.


Since then, 21 February has been celebrated there as commemoration day of the martyrs. At the request of Bangladesh, this day was proclaimed International Mother Language Day by UNESCO in November 1999.



January 2022: Happy New Year
from Schweitzer Sprachendienst
and CORONA-Update

We wish our customers, colleagues and business partners a successful and healthy year 2022 and look forward to working with you and for you in the new year.


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Please refrain from coming to our office without an appointment! Due to the current difficult situation, we will process all your translation projects online. Please use our website for enquiries (online form) or our e-mail (!


This also applies for certified translations. We are happy to assist you via e-mail or phone and, upon request, can send you your certified translations home by post.


We wish you the best. Take care!
Your Schweitzer Sprachendienst Team