Our translation agency’s core team will assist you in all language matters. Here, in Radebeul near Dresden, your interpreting and translation projects are coordinated, your translations produced, proofread and layouted, your terminology databases and translation memories managed. Our large international network of expert translators and interpreters has been carefully selected over the course of the years.


Andreas Schweitzer (M.A.)Team - Logo XING - Eintrag Andreas Schweitzer

  • Owner
  • Translator/Terminologist
  • Member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators    
  • Member of the European Association for Technical Communication   



Sandra Locke Team - Logo XING - Eintrag Andreas Schweitzer


  • Senior Project Manager
  • Layout
  • Administration and Accounting





Foto: Ina Lenzer, Übersetzer, Projektmanager - Schweitzer Sprachendienst

Ina Lenzer (M.A.)


  • Project Manager
  • Translator






Foto: Anne Seifert, Übersetzer, Projektmanager - Schweitzer Sprachendienst

Anne Seifert (Dipl.-Übers.)


  • Project Manager
  • Translator






Anke Vetter (Dipl.-Übers.)


  • Project Manager
  • Translator