CAT tools

If possible, our translators use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation tools). However, these useful tools must not be mistaken for automated translations! In fact, when sentences are translated into the target language by a qualified translator, they are stored in a database, a Translation Memory (TM). A fuzzy analysis then shows the translator sentences in the target language that they (or another qualified translator using the same database) have already translated in the past. As a result, the translator might only have to replace a few words. We have been establishing customer-specific Translation Memories in this way since 1999. In addition to databases at sentence level, electronic dictionaries and customer-specific terminology can be included in the translation process.

Advantages for our customers:

  • Faster processing as less typing necessary
  • Cost effective, therefore the time and costs we save are passed on to our customers
  • Terminology is more consistent as it is easy to search previously translated documents
  • Translate revised documents fast, so only the parts that have changed need to be newly translated
  • Process different file formats easily thanks to a universal editor

CAT tools - GroupShare

We use the CAT tools Across and SDL Trados.

In 2016, we started working with SDL Groupshare. This cloud-based solution is a simple way to involve our translators around the world in the translation process.