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Translator - LanguagesLooking for a translator? Full service needed?
We coordinate your translation project from A to Z.

You can expect high-quality translations from and into all European languages and many other world languages. To reach the highest possible quality standards, we work together with an established network of more than 350 specialised translators in our region, in Dresden and around the world.



Meeting deadlines, a high quality of service and customer-friendliness are of top priority for us.


We offer translations

  • From and into all European languages
  • From and into many other major world languages
  • Of different kinds of documents: notarial certifications and documents, technical translations and demanding specialist texts, legal documents, complex translations on topics ranging from advertising to arts and culture, and many more
  • High quality and punctual delivery
  • Including revision by native speakers; the style hits the spot
  • By native speakers of all official languages and specialists in various areas of expertise
  • Strictly adhering to all our customers’ layout and CI guidelines
  • Punctual, accurate, professional
  • We work with CAT tools for more competitive prices and shorter delivery times

Here is a small selection of our translation projects:

Translation - Website Walzengießerei Coswig (English)

Translation website Polish


Translation - brochure kybun Dutch


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