Multilingual contents for the DVB website

29 July 2014 – Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG’s internet presence is to undergo a relaunch shortly: “Our web site shall become more modern, functional and user-friendly!” Schweitzer Sprachendienst will translate the site contents into English, Polish and Czech and – very convenient for the customer – directly input foreign-language texts into their content management system. Similar projects have been realised in recent years for Dresden International Airport and Dresden-based Kama GmbH.


Conference interpreters at the Dresden International Lightweight Engineering Symposium

1 July 2014 – For the 18th time, the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) at the Dresden University of Technology hosted the Dresden International Lightweight Engineering Symposium at Deutsches Hygienemuseum. On 26 and 27 June 2014, more than 30 presentations on “Innovative lightweight engineering solutions as a key to strengthening business” were given and simultaneously interpreted from German into English by our conference interpreters. Schweitzer Sprachendienst also collaborates with experienced simultaneous interpreters in other common conference languages and offers all-round service packages for international meetings, from escort interpreting to the translation of the proceedings.


Schweitzer Sprachendienst celebrates 15th anniversary

1 April 2014 – More than 50,000 pages of text for industry and science, more than 20,000 pages in the field of arts and culture and more than 30,000 pages for the transport and tourism sector – in over 40 languages – this is the respectable result of 15 years’ work at Schweitzer Sprachendienst. What’s more, the agency is a one-stop shop for hundreds of private customers when it comes to certified translations of documents.

Archiv: SSD birthday logoA worldwide network of more than 300 highly qualified translators ensures that all customers always get high-quality translations on time. The interpreters and language coaches at Schweitzer Sprachendienst work tirelessly for your perfect communication.
Schweitzer Sprachendienst will maintain their high quality demands and cordial collaboration with customers and suppliers.
We wish to thank you for the loyalty and trust you have placed in us and look forward to tackling many new and interesting projects.


Andreas Schweitzer: tekom seminar “Translation-oriented writing”

17 January 2014 – Often translations can be prepared faster and at less expense if some important rules are followed when writing the source text. Andreas Schweitzer, member of translators association BDÜ and association for technical communication tekom, will hold an interactive seminar giving tips for translation-oriented writing, based on examples of his daily work. When? Mon, 27 Jan 2014, 6 p.m. Where? Schweizer Haus am Lingnerschloss, Bautzner Straße 132, Dresden.


Web pick of the day

13 January 2014 – How Google Translate makes the Pope an antichrist … (German only)


English can everybody – or?

December 2013 – Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce monthly journal out with lead on Saxon entrepreneurs going international and “The right translator” special

Article: English can everybody (German only)


4-year contract with Dresden Airport

1 January 2012 – Schweitzer Sprachendienst wins Central German Airports Group tender and will see to the foreign language content of the Dresden International Airport internet site for another 4 years. Since 1999 we have kept the English, Czech and Polish pages up to date every day.