Interpreters in and around Dresden

Interpreting – conferences, business meals, negotiations and meetings: Together with our professional interpreters, our office supports all of your projects, ensuring that all parties can communicate clearly. Unlike a translator, who translates the text into a target language in writing, an interpreter works with the spoken word.

Interpreter at work (cabine)

Our services

We offer you interpreting services for:

  • Conferences and symposia
  • Business negotiations, court hearings
  • Weddings
  • Courses, business conversations, meetings
  • Live interviews and much more

We provide teams of several interpreters for large events and organise professional equipment.


Consecutive or simultaneous interpreter needed?

Consecutive (= one after the other): The interpreter waits until the end of a sentence or short passage before translating it into the target language (conversations, business negotiations, courses)

Simultaneous (= at the same time): The interpreter transfers what is said into the target language directly and continuously (conferences, business meetings, live interviews)


interpreting - interpreter at work

Our interpreters not only have a perfect command of the languages they work in, but are also perfectly versed in the corresponding culture and customs.

On request, we will be pleased to arrange interpreters for you outside Dresden, or abroad.
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